Become a STEM Girls Ambassador

Help us bring change!
  1. If you become a STEM Girls Ambassador you can have a positive impact in your society/community to empower girls and advance gender equality in Girls Education particularly in the field of Science & Technology.
  2. Help improve girls’ academic performance/ grades in STEM subjects.
  3. Increased their enrolment in STEM majors in the Tertiary institutions.
  4. Create awareness of the STEM Girls Initiative.
  1. You will encourage girls to develop interest in STEM by talking to Girls about opportunities in STEM fields and be a representative of STEM GIRLS in your home, school, church, mosque, office and community.
  2. Make a support donation of $15 and you will in return get a STEM GIRLS’ KIT which comprises of a Customized STEM GIRLS T-shirt, Student’s Pen, Stickers and a Brochure!


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