General questions

A STEM girl is a female student who aspires to have a career in the fields of STEM.

Is a platform that empowers girls and advance gender equality in Girls Education particularly in the field of Science & Technology. The STEM Girls Initiative program includes:
  1. STEM Girls School Club: A Study Group for girls to improve girls' academic performance in STEM subjects to increase enrolment of Girls in STEM majors in Tertiary Institutions.
  2. STEM Girl 2 STEM Women: Is a mentoring program for STEM Girls. The program creates an opportunity for Girls interested in STEM to access one on one career and educational support and counseling from women working in the fields of STEM.
  3. STEM Girls Talkshow: Is a virtual space for girls in STEM, the show enable girls and women to discuss the benefits and challenges of girls approaching STEM subjects as well as enable girls overcome the fears in STEM subjects, access opportunities in the areas of admissions, scholarships and choices of career in the fields of STEM.

As a member of STEM GIRLS you stand to gain a lot academically including scholarship and mentorship, in the area of Science & Technology, and supported in other issues that barriers girls'education. As a Mentor/Volunteer, Ambassador, Friend and Partner you recieve STEM GIRLS AWARDS for your contributions to advance gender equality in STEM Girls'Education.

STEM GILRS is open to all Adolescent girls and Young women. Join us, Get involved and become a STEM GIRL :

A friend of STEM GIRls is an individual or institution who or which shows a particularly attachment to the cause of Girls Education particularly in the field of Science & Technology, be it by their action, connection or contribution.

An ambassador of STEM GIRLS ia any individual who agrees to take on the task of representing STEM Girls in public with partners and friends of STEM GIRLS, and convey positive message about the different programs supported.

A Volunteer of STEM Girls is an expert who provides mentoring, training, organize talkshow, workshop, event and support for girls in the field of science and technology.

A partner of STEM GIRLS is an individual, school, institution or company that contibute either by hosting STEM girls school club, developing and authorizing sharing of his/her intellectual or physical property including books, apps, halls etc or make continuous contributions for the STEM GIRLS Initiative program.

A DONOR is an individual OR institution who or which supports STEM GIRL and helps it to achieve its objectives through donations or one off contributions.

STEM Girls Initiative is a program of African Girls Empowerment Network.